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Push From Behind

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05.08.12, 4:39 AM | Posted by Tibberz

Lolz XD means no sex on hood of car on this street 😀

08.16.12, 7:00 PM | Posted by anonymous

Funniest sign I’ve ever seen in my life.

11.11.12, 10:32 AM | Posted by The Man

No doggy style

05.23.13, 8:21 PM | Posted by credible

Blue signs are informative,not prohibiting.It means that you will see people doing it leaning on the car hood.Or oyu may do this too in this area.

09.05.13, 8:32 PM | Posted by Darkus

So… Expect to see people humping near those signs.

06.09.14, 6:31 PM | Posted by Trev

how is this sexual? Clearly the one closest to the car is choking on something, and henceforth receiving the Heimlich maneuver.

09.17.14, 11:00 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

I don’t want to know what is going on here.

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