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Push Button or Yell

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Either is fine, it’s your choice really.

“For Help: 1. Push Red Button 2. or Yell”

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10.14.11, 8:59 AM | Posted by Johnathan

which one’s easier?

02.24.12, 4:31 PM | Posted by therealhannah

depends wat happens when u push the red button

03.25.12, 12:03 AM | Posted by RawrILY

just yell. you’ll probably be too lazy to push the button anyway.

04.20.13, 3:50 PM | Posted by Flatulating Bob

Pushing the red button, creates a simulated yelling sound.

05.24.14, 6:59 PM | Posted by na

When you push the red button I punch you in your pig mouth

10.04.14, 9:49 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

In an old Dave Breger cartoon, a fire alarm read, “In case of fire cry ‘FIRE!'”

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