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Pull Push Doors?

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Business, Office

You might need a crowbar to pull these doors open.

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10.30.12, 12:03 PM | Posted by Captain Business

a.k.a How to confuse the simple-minded 101

12.18.12, 7:43 PM | Posted by Beth

Only the illiterate may enter

12.23.12, 6:49 AM | Posted by therealhannah

or the hulk

01.09.13, 7:28 PM | Posted by LJ

How the heck to you open these doors

01.10.13, 10:35 PM | Posted by Don

I’ll bet that “PUSH” is on the other side (where the handles are).

02.03.13, 5:07 PM | Posted by lisa

you’re supposed to have your own handle…

a blonde put up the pull signs…

a blonde put the handles on…

you can get out but never in…
what if someone forgot their wallet?

03.08.13, 12:27 AM | Posted by Steph

You had one job…

02.02.14, 9:56 PM | Posted by BrutalMind

There’s no glass or “doors” at all, just two beams that have pull written on them. Think outside the box..

09.28.14, 9:31 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

All right, Smartie, what am I supposed to pull on?

12.06.15, 7:11 PM | Posted by David

Just what are they trying to pull here?

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