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It’s Pot Season!

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The street value of that must be insane.

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05.26.11, 12:23 PM | Posted by denise nelson

I’m there!

06.29.11, 7:03 PM | Posted by Sharon

This is to much

10.11.11, 6:40 AM | Posted by Johnathan

I bet the cops are always on their backs

02.25.12, 9:39 PM | Posted by DKincade

Best part of this is that it’s in Utah

11.13.12, 9:17 AM | Posted by UPSWife

Best part of this funny sign is the ad for KFC on the left side of this page. 40 tons of pot might give you the munchies…

04.09.13, 9:19 PM | Posted by Leah

I pass that store every day…

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