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Pork. The One You Love.

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If you can’t pork the one you love, pork the one you’re with.

Photo taken in the town of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada on Albert Street.

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04.21.11, 10:57 PM | Posted by Wyatt Derp

(insert joke about “the other white meat”)

10.12.11, 3:32 PM | Posted by debbie tawney

this sign is so stupid and who ever did this sing has a mentel problem

10.26.11, 4:25 PM | Posted by Entangler

Hey, it got people’s attention and we’re still talking about it years after the fact!

And yeah, it’s a real sign and was a real publicity campaign here.

02.20.12, 10:40 AM | Posted by Usne Butt

It was a real sign at a major intersection in downtown Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

04.24.12, 6:25 PM | Posted by bob

EWW no comment

10.04.12, 7:47 AM | Posted by God's Father

Simply The Funniest. I will bow my head right now for the guys who did it.

10.06.12, 3:21 PM | Posted by therealhannah

i dont like pork. i spent my childhood petting piglets!

01.02.13, 2:25 PM | Posted by OldPatzer

Apparently girls go for guys who barbecue pork. So, guys, fire up the grill and wait for the girls to follow their noses.

06.05.13, 7:48 PM | Posted by A . J. Green

Canaduh , eh ?

10.31.13, 2:56 AM | Posted by Jamie hazard

mentel problem? wow…. anyway this sign is great… I love pork….ing

09.12.14, 11:04 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Don’t post this ad in Jewish or Muslim neighborhoods.

10.02.14, 11:22 AM | Posted by sarah

this sign is good for yards and farms near the border if you do not want muslums on your property.

03.16.16, 6:19 PM | Posted by Not giving u my name

I don’t get it…

09.25.16, 1:00 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

To Not (Post #13) Jews and Muslims don’t eat pork.

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