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Poo Poo Paper Sold Here

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Advertisements, Bathroom

But where can I buy Pee Pee paper?

Photo submitted by Gavin W.

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05.22.12, 12:40 PM | Posted by ckw

it’s all about YOU wellness????

12.12.12, 8:02 PM | Posted by therealhannah

(face palm)

02.04.13, 9:24 PM | Posted by Don

….so those activist finally got around to protest the word “toilet”….

06.02.13, 6:50 AM | Posted by Jessica

what are the odds they did that because they ran out of t, i, l, or e things. very high.

07.31.14, 12:04 AM | Posted by Leigh

“All About You” wellness shop. It’s the title of the shop. People really should: 1) Use context clues when interpreting and 2) use the correct grammar that your teachers have been spoon feeding you for at least a decade!

09.14.14, 10:33 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Hey, it’s better than “bath tissue.”

10.25.15, 5:00 PM | Posted by Teddy

is that really the best item they have for sale?

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