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Please Use Downstairs Restroom…

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Bathroom, Warning

What kind of experiments could these be?

“Please use downstairs restroom. Physics demo in progress.”

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04.14.12, 6:43 PM | Posted by bob

OK and what???

10.01.12, 6:36 AM | Posted by Scourge

O.O I dont WANNA know!

12.20.12, 6:35 PM | Posted by therealhannah


01.17.14, 5:50 PM | Posted by Sakota

I don’ get it

05.22.14, 1:58 AM | Posted by kem

It’s actually a psych experiment. see how many idiots know what physics mean and actually GO downstairs!

09.19.14, 12:28 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Physics? Wasn’t that an old-fashioned term for medicines?

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