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Please Drive Safely, Unmarked Nuclear Warheads

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Road, Warning

“Please Drive Safely – Unmarked Nuclear Warheads Travel These Roads – Keep Our Children Radiation Free!”

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10.01.12, 6:26 PM | Posted by Blitz

its sad enough that they made a road where the military lost nuclear bombs but they had to add keep our children radiation free like were sum kind of retards

11.20.12, 4:42 PM | Posted by Thud

I think that they mean that military trucks transporting nuclear warheads travel on the road. Such trucks are unmarked for national security.

03.01.13, 7:53 PM | Posted by cashtian

hey look its godzilla destroing tokoy agian

11.01.13, 4:35 PM | Posted by rexsk1

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT NINTENDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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