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Pizza Hut: Now Serving Vegetables!

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How healthy of them! Congress would approve.

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02.19.12, 8:33 PM | Posted by Jane

I’ll bet the veggies are just as fat- and oil-soaked as the pizza and pasta entrees…

02.22.12, 8:19 AM | Posted by Bobington

Thats what makes them oh so good….mmmm fat and oil delicious! You eat your gross health food, I will eat my tasty treats!

03.25.12, 2:56 AM | Posted by mark

I don’t think you two got it. they now serve vegetables. They prepare food, but serve vegetables. the new wheelchair ramp is in the background.

03.26.12, 9:24 AM | Posted by Greg

@mark, no idea what you are talking about. The joke of this sign is in reference to Congress arguing that pizza is a vegetable in school lunches. Pizza Hut is making fun of Congress.

11.20.12, 8:03 PM | Posted by therealhannah

What? I could have sworn they served pizza.

09.12.14, 6:53 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

When did Congress say that, Greg?

10.05.16, 8:23 AM | Posted by Brad

They serve vegetables but they must wear shirt and shoes

10.05.16, 8:24 AM | Posted by Brad

What was on the veggie pizza before?

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