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Pick Your Own Speed Limit

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Speed Limit

Speed Limits

Day – Reasonable & Prudent

Truck – 60

Night – All Vehicles – 55

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10.02.11, 2:33 PM | Posted by TJ

now this is my kinda road!

12.29.11, 1:06 PM | Posted by june

Looks like the trucks might run ya over if they darn well please!!

01.20.12, 5:09 PM | Posted by therealhannah

is 120 reasonable and prudent?

03.06.12, 8:17 PM | Posted by Cass

Hmmmm… I think 150 is reasonable. It’ll get me there faster 😀

09.02.12, 9:00 PM | Posted by maxx

this should be the speed on all roads

11.03.13, 5:53 PM | Posted by Andi

This was the standard in Montana until they finally caved to Federal pressure in the 80’s. And yes, “reasonable & Prudent” included 120 if it was a clear fine day. I worked 120 miles away and my commute was less than one hour during which I RARELY saw another car on the long straight road.

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