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I guess this is where you go when you have to go to the bathroom on a road trip?

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01.13.13, 2:27 PM | Posted by therealhannah

what did it originally say?!?

01.24.13, 5:48 AM | Posted by Aaron

It originally said “speedway” Hannah

03.11.13, 7:31 AM | Posted by Sakota

Where’s the bathroom?

01.09.14, 9:45 AM | Posted by pinkie

This was in Louisville Kentucky.. right down the street from my house!! Funny it stayed tht way for a week!!

09.27.14, 7:41 PM | Posted by seager

what if i go in there to get a drink?

06.22.15, 10:14 PM | Posted by moshaholic

I saw this going home once

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