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Paul Was An Assman

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I’m more of a leg man myself…

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05.04.11, 8:43 AM | Posted by Major

The surprising thing is that Edith is as well…

06.07.11, 3:54 PM | Posted by Cathy

He’s a ‘Bad Assman’ now!

02.23.12, 6:03 PM | Posted by therealhannah

heh heh heh. heh heh. HEH HEH HEH! (evil laugh)

04.05.13, 2:19 AM | Posted by mike

Edith had an ass to die for..

03.15.14, 4:48 PM | Posted by Fredrick

You would hate to have that last name especially, if your first name was Seymour.

09.11.14, 10:23 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

I wonder what his platoon sergeant called him!

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