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Parking for Drive-Thru Service Only

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Parking, Restaurant

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08.12.11, 4:49 PM | Posted by Nicole

This sign is from a McDonald’s in Maine.

01.20.12, 4:57 PM | Posted by therealhannah

these signs are at all mcdonalds. i don’t know why its necessary.

09.06.12, 4:59 PM | Posted by bob

it’s for when there are customers waiting

07.16.13, 11:16 PM | Posted by Darkus

So… nobody but people working at drive-thru service can park? >_<

08.19.13, 10:38 PM | Posted by hal

when people have big orders in the drive throu they sometimes park the cars to keep the line moving

11.15.13, 11:34 AM | Posted by rexsk1

Yeah. Once I had to sit in that space because I had ordered a chocolate-dipped cone and the chocolate hadn’t melted yet.

09.29.14, 9:28 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Are they bringing back carhops?

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