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Paint in the Office

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These walls were freshly painted… 4 years ago.

“Dry Paint”

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10.11.11, 8:47 AM | Posted by Johnathan

thanx for the info. now i can lean on the wall

11.09.11, 8:39 PM | Posted by haily

thanks for telling me now I don’t have to worry about getting paint on me.

02.14.12, 1:25 AM | Posted by a dead guy

Captain obvious strikes again!!

07.26.12, 3:39 AM | Posted by stuff

That should be stuck in a museum so know one watches wet paint dry it alrealdy is 😀

05.02.13, 11:11 AM | Posted by Amber Rose

Well, now you can watch the dry paint wet?

09.19.14, 9:33 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

This was a joke in “Mad” Magazine about 50 years ago.

01.13.15, 7:02 PM | Posted by Darkus Relling

The driest paint in the world… it’s white.

12.07.15, 8:46 PM | Posted by David

They also did this on the old Candid Camera show with Alan Fundt. They put it on a park bench.

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