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Our Teachers Make a Differance

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But not in the area of spelling, I guess.

“Portage Community Education Center – Our Teachers Make a Differance”

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02.03.12, 6:40 PM | Posted by therealhannah

oh wow

11.13.12, 8:40 AM | Posted by UPSWife

They make the “differance” that you go in knowing how to spell and come out not knowing.

04.24.13, 4:12 PM | Posted by Marissa Enchante

Yeah. Sure. Sure thing.

10.05.14, 9:04 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

But with some kids, the message doesn’t stick, obviously.

11.01.15, 12:46 AM | Posted by Franklyn Budge

That’s got to be Portage, Indiana

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