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Orville Wright Did Not Have a Pilot’s License

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“Orville Wright did not have a pilot’s license. Amelia Earhart did.”

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10.13.11, 9:59 AM | Posted by Johnathan

who is the one who disapeared? BURN!

02.09.12, 8:43 AM | Posted by Hope

Girl power!

02.25.12, 6:00 PM | Posted by therealhannah

so true!

03.24.12, 8:13 PM | Posted by RawrILY

who’s the one who couldn’t fly a mile? >:D BURN!

08.23.12, 2:58 AM | Posted by Justine

Feminism for the win.

12.14.12, 10:37 PM | Posted by The Doctor

uh …. Amelia vanished possibly died while Orville pioneered flying…

07.23.13, 1:20 PM | Posted by therealnormalperson

Feminism for the fail, evidently driving wasn’t the only thing women can’t do even with passing a test and getting a license! 😉

01.18.14, 5:58 PM | Posted by Sakota

They didn’t INVENT piglets licenses back then.

09.10.14, 1:57 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Columbus didn’t know where he was going; Marconi didn’t know wbhat he was doing. Noah was an amateur; the “Titanic” was built by professionals

09.11.14, 10:13 AM | Posted by Sakota

Well DUH. They INVENTED the air-plane, so it makes sense that licenses WOUlDN’T be invented yet

02.16.15, 1:20 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Well, Sakota, what was Amelia Earhart’s excuse?

03.11.15, 3:00 PM | Posted by Far Tality

saw this in downtown Seattle in 2013

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