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Ooooh Girl…

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“Ooooh Girl who did your hair salon”

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August 30, 2011 路 Posted by Derpbert

Who else read this sign in a sassy black woman voice?

September 15, 2011 路 Posted by Mark

I did, and I’m a caucasian. 馃檪

September 18, 2011 路 Posted by Tara

I did that too.. :L

November 09, 2011 路 Posted by haily

oooooh were did you get your hair salon done?

November 21, 2012 路 Posted by therealhannah

I got my hair salon done at oooh girl, who did your hair salon 馃槈

October 02, 2014 路 Posted by Doug Montgomery

It’s right next to the Oh god who cooked my meal diner.

March 25, 2016 路 Posted by Heather

Totally in a sassy black woman voice.

October 05, 2016 路 Posted by Brad

My hair didn’t salon anybody