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Only No Left Turn

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Road, Warning

You can only not turn left only!

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11.24.12, 12:38 PM | Posted by Crystal

My gosh that has to be sooo confusing for people from out-of-town.

12.03.12, 2:25 PM | Posted by Evans Graphics

OK! I’ll go straight then?!

12.13.12, 9:16 AM | Posted by KP

This HAS to be Boston.

01.04.13, 10:54 AM | Posted by girlwhoreallylaughsoutloud

its no left turns only left curves if they turn left sharp they go down the pedestrian path but a left curve is okay at least that’s my guess

04.06.13, 8:27 AM | Posted by Slender Man

look closely, you can see me! 😀

06.13.13, 12:54 PM | Posted by El Henzo

@Slender Man dude what the…… i kinda do though

11.01.13, 10:34 PM | Posted by Darkus R.

Chicago a all over again.

09.14.14, 10:09 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Make up your mind!

04.16.15, 6:25 PM | Posted by stuart

shall you turn left or not

10.25.15, 3:43 PM | Posted by Teddy

it’s a convoluted way of saying STAY OFF THE SIDEWALK

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