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Old Man’s Child

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Engrish, Warning

A lot of questions here, like what is a hand ladder?

“When old man’s child go up hand ladder temporary need the family to accompany”

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09.09.11, 5:30 AM | Posted by Kristian

Google translate?

10.12.11, 11:58 AM | Posted by Johnathan


11.21.11, 1:16 PM | Posted by Squirrel

All children must be accompanied by an adult?
Just guessing!

06.06.13, 12:42 PM | Posted by Agreen


11.12.14, 8:35 PM | Posted by sandeesandlz98


02.09.15, 9:37 PM | Posted by Mister Anonymous

They mean when old people or children go up the ladder they have to be accompanied by adults. It sounds weird. The translators are horrible.

05.27.16, 2:52 AM | Posted by Some Chinese people

Is that what they mean?

“When elders or children using the escalator, please look after them carefully.”

Hand ladder? Is it some stairs with a handle on the both sides or just the escalator?

by some Chinese people who don’t know very well in English.

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