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“Staying in bed showing Oh God! does not constituent going to church – Diocese of Galveston-Houston”

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06.23.12, 9:46 PM | Posted by mike james

“Going to church does not make you a Christian anymore than going to the garage makes you a car.” Dr. Laurence J. Peter

07.23.12, 8:15 PM | Posted by David

HaHa say Oh God!

10.18.12, 4:29 PM | Posted by therealhannah

i did. but im not christian.

10.18.12, 4:31 PM | Posted by therealhannah

oops, sorry. i meant catholic. but im neither.

07.25.13, 9:09 PM | Posted by bob

“If Jesus returned to earth, one thing he would NOT be is a Christian.” Mark Twain

10.18.13, 8:48 PM | Posted by Oldpolyman

Yelling Oh God in bed is as close to heaven as some people will get!

05.22.14, 12:51 AM | Posted by kem

Go Oldpolyman!!! and the first commentator Agree with both. Just as going doesn’t make me close to God.

09.16.14, 10:07 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

And saying “Lord, Lord,” isn’t enough either.

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