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Objects May Fall

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“Warning – This Road Crosses US Air Force Bombing Range For the Next 12 Miles – Objects May Fall From Aircraft”

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September 30, 2011 路 Posted by Steimy

In other words, take a different street stupid.

February 17, 2012 路 Posted by therealhannah

ooh i hope its money! 馃檪

April 01, 2012 路 Posted by Maya

Uhh… what KIND of objects?? O.o

January 07, 2013 路 Posted by Brittany

Wow. I wouldn’t take that road. LOL I think I would keep on going.

May 22, 2014 路 Posted by kem

Agree w/Steimy… lol

October 02, 2014 路 Posted by Doug Montgomery

Did I think they would float in mid-air?