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Now This I Gotta See…

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“Tourist Center – Garden With Curled Poo”

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August 26, 2011 · Posted by natalie


December 30, 2011 · Posted by megan

Curled poo u say how interesting

May 25, 2012 · Posted by Brad Arnold

Aka, Curly Poo Gardens.

July 24, 2012 · Posted by David

Natalie its Funny LOL

November 11, 2012 · Posted by therealhannah

No straight poo?

June 04, 2013 · Posted by A . J. Green

Always preferred the straight poo myself.

October 06, 2013 · Posted by bob

better than curried poo, I guess

January 18, 2014 · Posted by Sakota

December 27, 2014 · Posted by Doug Montgomery

Poo is poo! Who cares what shape it is?!

September 03, 2016 · Posted by Nichard Rixon

Straight poo requires Dippity-do.