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Now Accepting Dr. Pepper

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Restaurant, Store

McDonald’s breaks ground by accepting a new form of payment. Wonder if they take Diet?

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06.26.13, 7:44 PM | Posted by watercheetah

Ill bring Dr. Pepper there and say “hey it has it on there so im payingin Dr. Pepper. So how mush, Dave”

09.03.13, 9:17 PM | Posted by whoever

do they except coco cola as well?

09.27.13, 11:03 AM | Posted by justbrowsing

Dr. Pepper does have those 23 flavors. I can see why it would be accepted as currency.

02.02.14, 6:16 AM | Posted by BrutalMind

You use the Dr. Pepper to throw at them when they get your order wrong..

08.27.14, 5:56 PM | Posted by RL Bain

Is there a doctor in the house, cause if I am eating there I will need one.

09.27.14, 9:27 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Ask Charlie Rich or Ron Guidry.

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