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No, You Shut Up!

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Yea, that sounds about right.

“TireDiscounters – Family Owned – Shut Up, No You Shut Up”

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07.13.12, 4:35 PM | Posted by Micky

Pap and Mom are always fighting at family owned tire shop.

07.27.12, 9:37 AM | Posted by Eric

Leave it to the kids to change the sign.

10.02.12, 4:40 PM | Posted by therealhannah

i wonder how long it took for the parents to notice

04.01.13, 12:11 PM | Posted by mnisaacsmn

That’s great. Third party changing the sign, just put down what he heard.

04.09.13, 2:05 PM | Posted by Jacob Corey

You BOTH shut up! Microsoft Sam! What did I tell you about being a control freak? I’m sorry, Dave. Not! Hahahahahahahahah soi soi soi soi rofl rofl rofl rofl! [*SOCK*] SOI!

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