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No thanks Home Depot

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Bathroom, Business

No thanks Home Depot… I got this one.

“Restrooms – You Can Do It. We Can Help.”


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10.11.11, 8:48 AM | Posted by Johnathan

uh, no thanx

12.30.11, 2:34 AM | Posted by megan

I wonder if anyone did get help? lol

02.15.12, 11:58 AM | Posted by (Hayden)superpyro

same here Megan :P

07.09.12, 10:50 AM | Posted by jabbers

Old Man: Sir, can you help me with something?

Worker: Sure! What do you need?

Old Man: Well, uh, [points to sign]

Worker: I’m not sure if that’s what it means.

07.26.12, 3:34 AM | Posted by stuff

So many thoughts in my mind and none are right

11.11.12, 12:54 PM | Posted by therealhannah

I got dis… (walks in bathroom ; slips on floor) home depot! I need you!

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