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No Standing On Toilet Seat

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Bathroom, Warning

Some people just like a challenge, I guess.

Photo taken in Matamata, New Zeland by Rotorua

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10.04.11, 9:27 AM | Posted by TX

I actually saw a sign similar to this on the inside door of a Fly Dubai 737. A lot of the travelers on these planes are from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka. And yes they crap this way sometimes.

10.26.13, 9:27 PM | Posted by Tim

yep. Seen this in India.

03.21.14, 10:54 AM | Posted by Megan

This happens ALLL the time in Vancouver (canada). Immigrant ladies climb up on the seat, squat and then pee all over the seat. I’ve seen it in movie theatre, malls, university, etc.

09.29.14, 10:38 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

I understand this one–I SAT normally on a toilet seat once and the bowl broke! No way am I going to STAND on one!

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