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No Socks in Toilet

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Bathroom, Warning

Why in the world would this warning be necessary?

“Historic Building – PLEASE No paper towels or feminine products or socks in the toilet. Thank you”

Submitted by Beth Beutler

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02.02.13, 12:55 PM | Posted by therealhannah

in case the stall runs out of toilet paper some people resort to socks :/

04.07.13, 5:38 PM | Posted by Slender Man

of course they do.

04.17.13, 4:08 PM | Posted by Meh

They spelled the y in you backwards. o.o

06.04.13, 4:54 PM | Posted by A . J. Green

Are shoes okay?

06.30.13, 12:12 PM | Posted by Mary

Sock–nickname for condom so makes more sense

06.30.13, 5:28 PM | Posted by darticulate

Phew! I’m glad I live in a non-historical building. Wouldn’t know what to do with my socks otherwise.

02.16.14, 11:53 PM | Posted by sue

I’d like 2 keep my socks. No problem…

09.27.14, 9:05 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Does the building’s history go back before the invention of the flush toilet?

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