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No Smoking Ashtray

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Photo submitted by Alex Tomko

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01.07.13, 2:31 AM | Posted by Brittany

Yeah what is up with that?? I don’t get those signs on or near ash trays… It makes no sense!

05.24.13, 11:10 AM | Posted by Sakota

It makes tons of sense! They don’t want you to smoke here, so they put an ashtray.

02.05.14, 7:32 PM | Posted by nonsmoker

Who needs ashtrays the butts are on the ground around the ashtrays,because those trays are gross who would use them

02.14.14, 1:21 AM | Posted by Ann Cobley

Very very very funny

04.13.14, 3:10 PM | Posted by Mar mar

People at walmart smoke under the “no smoking within 50 feet sign”

09.14.14, 10:40 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Mar mar, that’s because the signs don’t apply to illiterates.

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