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No Rolling Dice While Walking Dog

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Parks, Warning

At least I hope those are dice…

Submitted by Will Poitras

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11.30.11, 8:55 AM | Posted by Gregger

or… “If your dog’s balls fall off, please pick them up”

01.08.12, 12:22 AM | Posted by Jim

All players in today’s marble tournament must be accompanied by a dog.

02.24.12, 8:52 PM | Posted by therealhannah

that’s not dice… XP

03.17.12, 7:42 PM | Posted by tyler

im not sure but it looks like that the stick figure has a bonner? i’d get that dog away from that stick figure
P.S those arent dice

04.24.12, 6:38 PM | Posted by bob

lol tyler

06.06.12, 2:01 PM | Posted by phil

While walking your dog, don’t forget to pick up your eyeballs.

06.06.12, 4:06 PM | Posted by random person

why is the dogs head chopped off its body?

08.16.12, 7:16 PM | Posted by anonymous

These aren’t dice!

No, they are clearly giant M&M’s.

The man droped them, but it’s forbidden to pick them up in this area.

08.16.12, 7:18 PM | Posted by anonymous

No wait, my bad.

The sign means:
If your dog poops, you should pick it up with your bare hands. Or whatever something like that.

12.12.12, 6:21 PM | Posted by nini

lol it looks like he has a boner :p

01.28.13, 4:16 PM | Posted by Logan

That’s the natural way to play craps

07.13.13, 9:57 AM | Posted by Noel

Looks like eyes on the street
No poking the streets eyes
Pick up your eyeballs if you drop them

06.26.14, 7:52 AM | Posted by Sakota

Why, there’s no “X” over it

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