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Something we can all agree on I think…

“No Planking Anytime”

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12.30.11, 2:34 AM | Posted by megan

Dag it!!

04.10.12, 2:16 PM | Posted by HHH

Welp, already broke this law a thousand times already, Ill probably get a jail sentence XD.

05.25.12, 1:58 PM | Posted by Brad Arnold

So take your plank and go home!

08.11.12, 3:55 AM | Posted by jorgie

I’m a plaffdGf

08.25.12, 5:23 AM | Posted by therealhannah

officer: wat r u doing?
pedestrian: laying horizonticly on the side walk
officer: u r arrested
pedestrian: threres a difference!

06.26.13, 7:25 PM | Posted by watercheetah

I broke that law almost 54 times so im in jail waitin until im free… IT WAS A MISTAKE LET ME OUT!!!

09.15.14, 9:14 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Considering the burn marks, this place could USE a few planks to replace the old ones…

10.05.16, 12:13 PM | Posted by Brad

I’m not planking…I’m board

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