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No Picnicking In The Cemetery

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Well, great… now where will I have my picnics?

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02.17.12, 5:04 PM | Posted by therealhannah

in some states its actually illegal

03.15.12, 7:06 PM | Posted by Platinum

There’s a holiday that you celebrate where you bring your loved ones favorite things to their grave and you picnic next to there tombstone.

03.29.12, 7:45 PM | Posted by Claudia

Hey, Ma, want to pasta salad?

06.20.12, 5:30 PM | Posted by Cathy

I think that a violation of the first amendment.

08.05.12, 6:55 PM | Posted by luckie lu lu

Man!I Love Picnics Next To The Dead.:(

07.28.13, 5:16 PM | Posted by Leon

This sucks for cannibals, the state is taking their buffets!

08.04.13, 7:27 AM | Posted by cereza1000

A picnic in a cementery is inmoral too.

04.08.14, 8:22 AM | Posted by Rita Lacanta

Actually, it was very popular to picnic in cemeteries in the early 1800s. National parks weren’t created until the late 1800s so cemeteries were, in a sense, some of our first public parks.

09.29.14, 10:40 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

This is an affront to hungry ghouls!

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