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No Bathroom Multitasking

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Bathroom, Warning

No surfing the internet or using your laptop in the bathroom.

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03.30.12, 6:33 PM | Posted by therealhannah

oh shoot now im gonna be bored on the toilet :(

06.22.12, 8:46 AM | Posted by dfudyifugyauid

aw poop Im doing this right now on
my lab top

07.10.12, 6:15 AM | Posted by therealhannah

im so glad this isnt at my house

11.07.12, 8:37 AM | Posted by Christof

I can see that being some World of Warcraft anti-socialist!!!

01.15.13, 3:28 AM | Posted by Lusitania Lover

i sunburn my leg on the toilet i get a bad pink skin oww hot maybe i shouldn’t do that

04.07.13, 10:05 AM | Posted by Slender Man

im gonna eat the idiot who put this up

04.20.13, 3:45 PM | Posted by Flatulating Bob

So much for looking up proper pooping techniques, in real time.

08.13.14, 8:32 PM | Posted by Someone

But doesn’t everyone get on google while pooping?

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