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No Fishing in the Toilet

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Those interested in practicing bathroom yoga are also out of luck.

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07.31.11, 8:43 PM | Posted by Hannah

don’t fish, don’t puke, don’t attempt pooping in the air, don’t stare into the toilet, don’t try to pee like a dog, but you can sit

10.26.11, 8:24 PM | Posted by Peter

Peeing standing up is not allowed?! Being ill isn’t permitted?! All the others – why would anyone even consider them?! Utter madness; and thereby brilliantly hilarious!

01.07.13, 6:42 AM | Posted by Brittany

The guy might think he needs to stand on the toilet to poop because he is used to squat toilets. They do make squat toilets that are western-style. They have flat areas around the side of the toilet for your feet to stand.

05.18.13, 9:37 AM | Posted by Charlotte Dirk

This sign is on a boat. If you must stand up to pee do it over the side. And definitely puke over the side. Sit down to pee because the toilet is a moving target and you are moving too!

01.18.14, 5:13 PM | Posted by Sakota

Under what exact circumstances would they even NEED, the “fishing” part.

02.04.14, 11:20 PM | Posted by Volodymyr

This picture no means “NO FISHING”. It means “DO NOT COOL BEER IN THE TOILET”

05.22.14, 4:44 AM | Posted by kem

notice the no ‘dog’ peeing sign. i guess if youv’e been ‘fishing’ too much, you might think your a dog and pee like that too

09.21.14, 9:23 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Nothing wrong with the middle left. That’s how I kneel when I toss my cookies.

10.07.16, 6:11 AM | Posted by Brad

Fishing?? Is this where you catch crappies?

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