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“English is Our Language – No Excetions – Learn it”

“Village of Crestwood – Mayor Chester Stranczek”

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09.30.11, 12:43 PM | Posted by Steimy

They may pay more attention if you learned to spell.

07.13.12, 4:13 PM | Posted by Micky

The person who made this sign has been banished by the mayor.

08.18.12, 1:59 AM | Posted by wolfie1232

Does every one speak english coz it is the former language of spain

01.14.13, 2:27 AM | Posted by Piggy Hater

I’m from Crestwood and this is a perfect example of how stupid the scum running this village are. They poison the water, bully old people, steal hats from little kids, think they are tough but are too scare to be cops in the city or even patrol their side of Robbins (the ghetto).

They really are worthless nazis & even though I’m white I am very glad to see the Mexicans taking over this village and destroying their little dream.

You should see the size of the pathetic American flag they fly in front of their nazi hall. It’s like 50′ by 100′.

I knew when I was a kid they couldn’t touch me so I used to spit in their faces…now I just look back and laugh away. HAHAHA PIGS

05.21.13, 5:41 AM | Posted by Evnas Graphics

Please remember to practice what you preach!

06.06.13, 12:49 PM | Posted by Agreen

Yeah , spreak engrish would ya!

10.25.13, 12:54 PM | Posted by Andrew

Mayor Chester “Cats” Stranczek 🙂

06.29.14, 9:45 PM | Posted by Mike

No excetions, but there ARE exceptions. Anyone else realize racists are usually stupid?

10.07.14, 9:37 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Piggy, I hope you have a good lawyer in case “the scum” should happen to visit this website…

01.22.15, 8:27 PM | Posted by Not Telling You

Anyone realize this sign is in English? What if I only speak, say, Chinese, and see this sign? How will I know to speak English?

05.30.15, 8:10 AM | Posted by Susan

He forgot to add “But dont talk English too good and get uppity with us.” The children of Indian immigrants have been acing the National Spelling Bee for several years, and the same kind of people who post signs like this are furious about it.

06.09.15, 6:42 AM | Posted by latina4ever

Can’t laugh any harder. What a bunch of morons. Talking about the language and you do this. I guess it have to start at home. But you should be more ashamed since you are an American that don’t know the language instead of someone that needs to learn it and will

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