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No Elephants in Trucks

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But now how am I going to get my pet elephant across town?

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May 19, 2011 · Posted by joyce Keiper

Or Republicans either!

October 01, 2012 · Posted by Blitz

then how the f*** did dumbo get here???
Makes you wonder

May 19, 2014 · Posted by mnisaacsmn

My circus won’t be complete, but at least I can use my flat bed for the bears, lions and tigers…

May 22, 2014 · Posted by kem

guess they just need to do the “baby elephant dance”

September 30, 2014 · Posted by Doug Montgomery

Sergio Aragones drew a 2-panel cartoon showing a cop giving a ticket to the driver of a truck carrying an elephant. Considering what the cop has to do for his motorcycle in the second panel, you’d think he should not have parked it right behind the elephant!

January 22, 2015 · Posted by Not Telling You

OK. Can I go in the bed of the truck while my elephant(young enough to fit)goes in the cab part?

November 01, 2015 · Posted by Franklyn Budge

Elephants must ride inside truck

October 07, 2016 · Posted by Brad

Now I have to think of another way to get more trunk room