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Engrish, Warning

“Dying Right Here Is Strictly Prohibited”

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05.19.11, 10:16 PM | Posted by joyce Keiper

If you do it again,you will be fined.

10.18.11, 7:09 AM | Posted by Johnathan

If you do it a third time you will be executed.

02.26.12, 4:39 PM | Posted by therealhannah

if u do it a fourth time u will be DEAD!

03.06.12, 8:14 PM | Posted by Cass

What about the fifth??

04.26.12, 6:38 AM | Posted by therealhannah

the fifth DIED!

06.30.12, 5:30 PM | Posted by Alex

This is actually a correct translation, so it shouldn’t be in engrish. Source: I can read Chinese

03.02.13, 7:51 AM | Posted by LJ

That’s so considerate you can’t help where you die.

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