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No Driving Under Satellites

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Road, Warning

… this is going to be difficult


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07.03.11, 11:41 AM | Posted by Wolfie665

My educated guess is the sign is somewhere in Afganistan or Iraq. And probably smaller vehicles not visible from space like cars or cyclists are safe for the locals…for now.

09.29.11, 2:26 PM | Posted by Steimy

All trucks parked here will be removed by alien death ray.

01.13.12, 7:11 AM | Posted by DannytheWelsh

This sign was introduced a couple of years ago in a small village in wales due to people being sent down unsuitable roads between the M4 and Cardiff airport by their satnavs. Basicaly it means dont trust your satnav in this area!!

06.06.13, 12:24 PM | Posted by Agreen

Warning for garbage truck drivers in alien abduction prone area in New Mexico

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