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Business, Warning

“We Will No Longer Accept Money Out Of Undergarments”

Submitted by Dakota

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11.20.11, 12:10 AM | Posted by TLP

I’ve seen these. In Louisianna women keep money in their bras. Believe me, you don’t want money with nasty boob sweat on it. YUCK!

12.18.11, 2:07 PM | Posted by Kyrios

At what store was this pic taken?

03.08.12, 5:27 PM | Posted by Joshua

Its funny you mentioned louisiana because the following story takes place there: It gets hot here, really hot during the summer and it seems like only the really large women keep their money in their bras and I was getting really disgusted and tired of dealing with wet money from bras (not a little damp or sweaty but dripping wet) so i thought of a solution. I was ringing up this lady and she started digging in her bra when i told her the total, so i started to unbuckle my belt and she looks at me kind of freaked out and says “What are you doing?!?!” so i said, i am preparing to make change, she paid with a credit card instead. Worked every time after that!

06.06.12, 4:12 PM | Posted by random person

notice how the sign said “no longer”.

12.05.12, 10:02 PM | Posted by Anna


05.24.13, 8:08 PM | Posted by Amanda

Lol, I understand that money is dirty and has already been everywhere imaginable, therefor, if I don’t have pockets, I keep my money in my bra.

07.13.13, 10:05 AM | Posted by Noel

ew boob sweat money >.>

10.08.13, 3:38 PM | Posted by bob


07.20.14, 9:59 PM | Posted by SheSaid

Make that change, Joshua! Man in the mirror. Sorry, had to go there.

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