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Neuter Your Best Friend

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They’ll thank you later.

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08.13.12, 9:00 PM | Posted by LewisM

And THEY Call me a loner!!???

11.07.12, 8:29 AM | Posted by Christof

Wow….My friends would be upset if they got spayed or neutered… they would probably punch me in the face afterwards… >:D

11.13.12, 9:33 AM | Posted by UPSWife

Makes me wonder what they used to serve at the Ponderosa Steakhouse… Their sign had the same font & same white on green text… Hmm…

01.22.13, 10:16 AM | Posted by Steve Hurtig

I took this photo in about the year 2000. Ponderosa Vet Clinic is North of Kalispell Montana on MT Hwy 93. I was with a Border Patrol Officer that was getting his K9 looked at. Could not pass it up.

09.28.14, 6:26 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

And you had the Border Patrol Officer neutered?

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