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Nasty Buffet

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Couldn’t this be said about pretty much any buffet?

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July 21, 2012 路 Posted by lisa

haha guess where we wont be eating, lol

December 05, 2012 路 Posted by Anna

lol, i can’t belive how much that made me lol!!!! 馃榾

December 12, 2012 路 Posted by therealhannah

ewwww grosss, the prices!

February 04, 2013 路 Posted by Don

The dumpster out front kinda clinches it.

March 30, 2013 路 Posted by Richard


May 22, 2014 路 Posted by kem

Good catch Don!!!! LOL

September 28, 2014 路 Posted by Doug Montgomery

There used to be a restaurant in Torrance, CA, named Forty Carrots, that served a delicious dish called “Nasty Nachos.”

October 06, 2014 路 Posted by Zanaria

That IS the buffet Don :p LOL

October 25, 2015 路 Posted by Teddy

Jimmy Buffet’s blue show

October 04, 2016 路 Posted by Brad

finally, truth in advertising.

December 15, 2016 路 Posted by Stephen A. Fletcher

Well, I don’t want to eat there.