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My What is Open When?

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Billboards, Restaurant

I sure hope it’s the Yass McDonald’s and not my ass that’s open at 6AM.

Photo taken in: Yass, New South Wales, Australia

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10.07.11, 5:49 PM | Posted by JHugg

Good to know. What time does your ass close?

10.21.11, 7:06 AM | Posted by Johnathan

10 P.M. would be my guess.

10.21.11, 7:07 AM | Posted by Johnathan

Or whenever they’re done using it. XD

01.20.12, 11:05 AM | Posted by seth

ohhhhhhh no,its open 24/7

06.28.12, 9:09 AM | Posted by Aussie Girl

I have actually been to the town Yass in Australia – it is a nice little town

06.04.13, 4:47 PM | Posted by A . J. Green

Mine opens about 7am.!,,,,,

01.12.14, 11:25 AM | Posted by Robloxer1224

Idk what that is, But those dumbo Mcdonalds Workers mustve got a tiny bit wrong! ALOT.

07.08.14, 10:15 PM | Posted by Rick Dumas

Not photoshopped, I’ve seen it. About 8km (5 miles) north of Yass. Incidentally, it’s now open 24 hours and the sign has been taken down 🙁

09.30.14, 10:34 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

You fart on schedule?

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