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Parks, Warning

I will be staying away from Pololu Trail in Hawaii.

“Warning: Dangerous Shorebreak”
“Warning: Strong Current”
“Warning: Hazardous Cliff”
“Warning: Falling Rocks”

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11.29.12, 7:15 PM | Posted by therealhannah

I just realized Pololu has ‘lol’ in it. I don’t think anyone going on this trail will be laughing. 🙁

01.09.13, 7:22 PM | Posted by LJ

Yikes i think i’ll go to a different trail.

01.10.13, 10:14 PM | Posted by Don

The warning signs are much bigger than the “Trail” sign…..second red flag.

01.19.13, 9:26 PM | Posted by laney

whats next?aliens?

02.03.13, 5:00 PM | Posted by lisa

i think this is connected.
the person falling off a cliff loosens rocks on top of the person below and the person falls on the water which causes shorebreaks and strong currents.

02.03.13, 5:01 PM | Posted by lisa

did anyone notice the Hawaiian monk seals sign?

02.03.13, 5:03 PM | Posted by lisa

there is also a blue thing on one side of the “shorebreak” sign and theres if in doubt don’t go out at the bottom

11.28.13, 4:04 AM | Posted by November

Is that a snake on top of the “Falling Rocks” sign?

03.06.14, 11:13 PM | Posted by Lew

“Pololu” = Hawaiian for “adventure”!

09.18.14, 9:06 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

How do you say “understatement” in Hawaiian, Lew?

08.18.16, 11:42 PM | Posted by Nyarlathotep

Warning: Deep One Breeding Ground. Do not feed the Cthulhu-worshipping fish people. They may attempt to breed with your wife, or you if you are female. When in doubt, use protection.

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