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“Stop. No Stopping Any Time”

Photo submitted by Tyler Bergum.

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05.23.12, 11:23 PM | Posted by Harbing3r

whats actually funny about this pic is the gas prices… XD

07.13.12, 11:06 PM | Posted by Random

Shucks I’m gonna get a ticket ether way

07.24.12, 1:01 PM | Posted by Ty

Have to agree the funniest part is the gas! 😛

10.22.12, 11:33 AM | Posted by Ryan

$1.46 for regular unleaded?! I miss those prices.

11.18.12, 8:01 PM | Posted by therealhannah

I wasn’t alive for those prices. 😛

02.11.14, 9:06 PM | Posted by Me

And heck, 1.37 for diesel? When was this taken?

09.19.14, 12:46 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Your Honor, I took this picture of the signs. Should I have stopped or not?

10.25.15, 5:20 PM | Posted by Teddy

you know the cops remove that bottom sign the moment you don’t stop

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