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I heard this town stinks.

Photo submitted by Jemppu

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08.22.11, 3:11 AM | Posted by Lars KH

It is a few miles from here on the highway. And the town does not smell…
Middelfart is a pretty little town on Western Funen, Denmark where I am happy to live…
If I can find an old elevator, I shall take a photo of the “I FART” sign. That is Danish for “MOVING”

11.07.11, 9:05 AM | Posted by Dan

This sign is placed in Denmark, at the Jutland side. It.s actually a middle size town.

11.09.11, 8:27 PM | Posted by haily

I heard this town always smells like fart.

03.27.12, 6:35 AM | Posted by Shirley scott

where everyone has a farting good time ,right lol

10.06.12, 5:40 AM | Posted by therealhannah

its not too big and its not too short… HEY! i just relized they spelled middle wrong

10.22.12, 12:04 PM | Posted by Ryan

Middlefart, it’s about 10 miles east of Middle-earth.

03.04.13, 7:45 AM | Posted by Sakota


06.06.13, 8:33 AM | Posted by A . J. Green

Not to be confused with the top or bottom fart!!!!

09.14.14, 9:55 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

How far to leftfart or rightfart?

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