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Michaelsoft Binbows

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Business, Engrish

I bet you get the blue screen of death with a Binbows machine too.

Photo taken in Japan.

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12.13.12, 8:11 PM | Posted by therealhannah

michael always was a soft binbow

06.27.13, 8:36 AM | Posted by Fluttershy

I am too shy to get the… um… real thing, so I buy… um… ripoffs.

08.01.13, 12:30 AM | Posted by Darkus

Micheal(bay)soft Binbows

09.17.14, 7:38 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Brazen ripoff!

10.25.15, 5:19 PM | Posted by Teddy

come to buh wheat pomcuter sto

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