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Church, Street

These kids are high on Jesus!

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04.19.11, 10:12 AM | Posted by Benjamin

Mom, Mom!!… can I PLEASE go back to Bible Camp this summer???

06.26.11, 8:05 AM | Posted by Nick

Yes, Meth bible camp IS a dead end!

09.13.11, 1:12 PM | Posted by nathan

heh, i hope the provide it.., I MEAN THE BIBLES!!.. the bibles.. >.>

02.15.12, 12:04 PM | Posted by (Hayden)superpyro

hahahahahahaha……….(dies of laughter)

06.04.13, 5:05 PM | Posted by A . J. Green

Did the meth camp last year,too intense. going. To mellow out at Camp ganja this year
Got twinkies ?

12.20.13, 12:03 PM | Posted by Chaostician

Breaking Good?

09.27.14, 9:16 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Uh…WHERE are they putting that meth?

12.20.14, 4:04 AM | Posted by Darkus Relling

Guess they’re high as the heavens.

01.06.15, 5:35 AM | Posted by Kiran

Happy Christmas

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