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Maybe Just a Little

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07.01.11, 3:21 PM | Posted by Aingeal

Ya think?

09.13.11, 1:07 PM | Posted by nathan

lol, if i was there i would try to jump that with a bike, it would be fun :3

09.29.11, 2:55 PM | Posted by Steimy

And the understatement of the year award goes to…….

10.14.11, 8:47 AM | Posted by Johnathan

really? I thought it was straight as my pencil. Oh, wait. my pencil broke.

12.10.11, 3:28 AM | Posted by Mark

Give it a couple of years and the side walk will dead end into a wall.

12.30.11, 3:45 AM | Posted by megan

uneven is kind of an understatement

01.05.12, 5:27 PM | Posted by Maddie

captain obvious…

02.24.12, 8:42 PM | Posted by therealhannah

@nathan: me, 2! if i knew how 2 ride a bike! 😛

08.17.12, 2:40 PM | Posted by LewisM

Eye Doctor said i should have been reading the sign instead of texting him…

05.24.14, 6:26 PM | Posted by na

Lol you admit you can’t ride a bike how pathetic is that

09.29.14, 10:41 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

That’s no help for a blind person. 🙁

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