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Left Lane Must Turn Left

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But no left turn!

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03.21.12, 9:11 AM | Posted by Tyler Bergum

No Left

04.01.12, 8:43 PM | Posted by Grayson


10.22.12, 11:39 AM | Posted by Ryan

Is it just me or is that a cop sitting on the corner? What to do? Take the left I need to or keep going the way I am and turn around?

11.11.12, 6:29 AM | Posted by therealhannah

Must… learn… how… to… apparate…

11.20.12, 12:05 PM | Posted by Roadsguy

By the looks of it, the “STOP – NO-LEFT-TURN” sign is for one of those free-flowing, yield-controlled right-turn ramps. The “LEFT LANE MUST TURN LEFT” sign is for the main road.


02.11.14, 9:25 PM | Posted by Me

Does nobody see the DO NOT ENTER sign to the left?

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