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Lane Closed To Ease Congestion

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10.25.11, 8:42 AM | Posted by Johnathan

yeah, that’s really gonna help

11.28.12, 2:03 AM | Posted by bear

this is what you get when you put democrats in charge ,
crazy liberals !!

01.18.13, 5:39 PM | Posted by cat

this is what you get when you put republicans in charge ,
crazy conservatives !!

04.06.13, 8:20 AM | Posted by Slender Man

congestion of what? hopefully not kids, ’cause that’s my favorite food!

10.31.13, 12:17 PM | Posted by rexsk1


05.20.14, 9:55 AM | Posted by mnisaacsmn

Sometimes the obvious eludes some people. Problem is that those people are the ones in government making the rules. It’s like spending more money to get out of debt!

09.22.14, 1:27 PM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

No difference between the think tank that cooked up this rule, and a drunk tank.

11.27.14, 1:15 PM | Posted by duh d'oh

Tories sssssssssssssss

12.18.14, 12:37 PM | Posted by Yoshi

Blah blah blah GOVERNMENT.

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