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Keep Beer Chilled

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Bathroom, Warning

“Any member of staff caught using the cistern to keep beer chilled will face a disciplinary investigation”

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02.25.13, 3:22 PM | Posted by Kent Pope

Love your site!!! Keep up the hilarious work!! LOL!!! — Kent 😀

04.07.13, 5:37 PM | Posted by Slender Man

luckily I cant drink beer

06.27.13, 9:42 AM | Posted by watercheetah

i love this site then any other sign site

06.30.13, 5:22 PM | Posted by darticulate

Only customers are allowed to chill beer in cisterns.

09.09.13, 11:09 PM | Posted by human

If I had an addiction to beer, I think that would cure me of it.

09.19.13, 10:57 PM | Posted by Courier

Hey a bottle cap! 😀

09.29.14, 10:23 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

Anyone want the rest of this glass of Budweiser?

02.09.15, 6:58 PM | Posted by Mister Anonymous

who does that? a crazy idiot who loves toilet water (hint:dogs)

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